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This page is a translated version of the page UTF8 Unterstützung and the translation is 100% complete.

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In order to use UTF-8 you must pay attention to the following during the installation of LIMBAS (where appropriate differing to the standard installation):

  • The database must get created with UTF8 encoding.
  • If PostgreSQL is used:
user "postgres":
$ psql

postgres=# create user <limbasuser> password '<limbasuserPW>';

postgres=# create database <limbasDButf8> WITH ENCODING 'UTF8' OWNER <limbasuser> TEMPLATE template0;

  • In order to create the LIMBAS database structure the following points must be done or set:
  • In the LIMBAS installation mask set the option "charset" to "UTF-8" .
  • The PHP module mbstring must be installed, but the mbstring.func_overload property in php.ini must not be set! Either comment out or set to 0. LIMBAS itself will replace the string functions to ensure compatibility with external frameworks.
  • Have a look at the UTF-8 difficulty

Environment Variables

The LIMBAS environment variable "charset" must be set manually to "UTF-8" if necessary.