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This page is a translated version of the page Bekannte Problemlösungen and the translation is 100% complete.

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apache 2.4

From Apache 2.4, the syntax of the authentication has changed. For problems with newer Apache versions (from 2.4), the activation of the access_compat-Modules can contribute to the solution. If this does not help, the .htaccess files have to be adapted. upgrading to apache 2.4

apache 2.4

Require all denied

apache 2.2

Order deny,allow
Deny from all

Backslashes \ are doubled

turn offmagic_quotes inside the php.ini

magic_quotes_gpc = off

for postgresql >= V 9.1 see =>

Changes in the Backend are not Applied

From PHP version 5.3.9 onwards, there is a limit of the maximum allowed post variables. This number is often too small for larger Limbas installations. Particularly in the table right settings, further changes can not be accepted. The value can be increased using the parameter max_input_vars in php.ini.

Text Block does not get Saved

Related to the bug Bug #54343 odbc_execute - Driver does not support this function. Starting with PHP version 5.4, it is no longer possible to use the "odbc_prepare function" in connection with postgresql and unixODBC. This function affects all Long or Blob fields, which can not be saved anymore. In this case, you can disable this support in the Limbas database configuration by setting the constant "LMB_DBFUNC_PREPAREHANDLE" to 0 in the file "lib/db/postgres.lib".

Text Block is Cut

Problem: Long texts are truncated after saving
Solution: Increase the "odbc.defaultlrl" value in php.ini

Report: cursor updatability changed

Problem: PostgreSQL : Warning [unixODBC]cursor updatability changed
Reason: This warning of a supposed fault can be ignored. The ODBC Driver from PostgreSQL treats this warning as a fault
Solution: Deactivate the ”debug” Mode for normal User


Problem: In CentOS the tool “pdftohtml (Packet poppler-utils) is installed, but doesn't function with Limbas.
Reason: The problem is a bug from htmltopdf causing the Target-Path to be rejected. The converted files are always placed in the up to date directory.
Solution: Install poppler-utils > 0.5.


I am having problems in installing it. There seems to be a problem with the odbc driver. The Installation skript tells me "Error: unixODBC not installed! Please install unixODBC and retry installation."

There are two ways to connect to database:

1: use direct the driver:
Database Name: limbas #[the true name of database]
Database User:
Database Password:
Database Schema: public
SQL Driver (unixODBC) : postgreSQLDriver

2: connect with odbc recource
Database Name: limbas_odbc #[odbcresource name]
Database User:
Database Password:
Database Schema: public
SQL Driver (unixODBC) : #not needed

be care of:
- use postgresql 8.3.x and upper
- install postgresql with "local=C"
- install postgresql with "ENCODING 'SQL_ASCII'"
- install postgresql with "createlang plpgsql"
- php.ini : short_tags ON

be shure if you have local permission to PostgreSQL database in "pg_hba.conf":
( local all all trust )

Directories and Files from "limbas_src" do not appear as symbolic Links inside the "dependent" Directory

Directories and Files from "limbas_src" do not appear as symbolic Links in the “depesymbolischen Links von Handndent”-Directory
If the Directories and Files from "<DocumentRoot>/openlimbas/limbas_src" in "<DocumentRoot>/openlimbas/dependent" mistakenly appear as Copy instead of symbolic Links (with certain systems there are problems when symbolic Links are extracted) then proceed as follows:

  • Delete all Files and Directories in "<DocumentRoot>/openlimbas/dependent" except
  • TEMP
  • USER
  • inc
  • .htaccess.demo
  • create the symbolic Links by hand:
$ cd <DocumentRoot>/openlimbas/dependent
$ ln -s ../limbas_src/* .

Firefox 3.5


Large Tables appear very slowly and/or the Browser appears to have crashed.


  • Enter "about:config" in the URL-Line.
  • Read the warning and click it away.
  • Look into the Filter "browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash" nd switch over to "false" ... (in case you do not have this entry, simply create a new “boolean” with this name.)
  • Restart Firefox.