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<-- zurück zur '''[[Hauptseite|Hauptseite-Portale]]'''
<-- zurück zur '''[[Hauptseite|Hauptseite-Portale]]'''
'''Neuerungen der Version 2.4'''
'''Neuerungen der Version 2.4'''

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<-- zurück zur Hauptseite-Portale

Neuerungen der Version 2.4

* extension kalendar implementation of jquery fullcalendar
* extension file explorer adding "sub button" in view menu for recursiv seraching
* extension formular multiple input formelemnts with same name in one Formular
* extension formular Formulareditor with new html-table element
* extension report integration of sub-reports and sub-diagramms in reports with fixed or dynamic size and border
* extension core inherit search fields visible as drop-down box
* extension core create new datasets on the fly without fix ID
* extension core support indicator rules in relation-tablelists of detailview
* extension core new tablesorting menue
* extension core new extenseditor with codemirror
* extension core userdefined aggregate funktions for tablecols
* extension core show index scan for indexes
* extension core extend admintool "index" with contraints, rebuild index,delete index function;
* extension core extend admintool "system" with create all system indexes;
* extension core adding index to field SORT in system relation tables

Neuerungen der Version 2.3

* bugfix core Several improvements and bug fixes
* extension core support new database -MSSQL
* extension core support fieldtypes with explicit field length
* extension core collective change for collumns
* extension formular new formelement for grouping elements as frame
* extension view view support with appendview, createview and dropview
* extension core support database sequences for unique key generation
* extensionx core extended Limbas-Trigger functionality
* extension core new layout "skalar"
* extension core saving userchanges in layout frames
* extension core posibility of automatic ajax change-request for fromular-items
* extension core alternative num_rows calculation for small or large tables or views
* rebuild core new logging in /TEMP/log instead of table LMB_ERRORS

Neuerungen der Version 2.2

* bugfix detail dataview fixes empty fieldvalue
* bugfix detail dataview fixes zooming fieldvalues
* bugfix calendar fixes problems with summer/winter time
* bugfix colorschema deleting colorschema
* help menuextensions new examples for menuextensions
* rebuild tablesearch seraching more "multiselect" values with "and"
* rebuild menuextensions reportmenuextension now include in menuestensions
* rebuild tablecolors highlighing tablemenus with userdefined backgroundcolor
* extension views integrated views with sqleditor and vieweditor-gui - views can be used as limbastable with using rights or showing details
* extension DMS integrated Ajax based uploadprogress
* extension forms new style "display"
* rebuild trigger extend trigger with "before" or "after" sql-execute
* extension reminder new reminder functionality with sending reminders to other users or groups
* extension Database support of maxdb 7.7 (BETA!)
* extension Database support of ingres 10
* extension wysiwyg support of additional wysiwyg editors (openwysiwyg / TyniMCE)
* rebuild webdav support of windows-explorer, dolphin, davfs2, wdfs

Neuerungen der Version 2.1

* bugfix fieldtype datetime fixes empty fieldvalue in detail
* bugfix fieldtype User/Grouplist fixes empty fieldvalue in list
* bugfix coloring resultset outer join for userdefined background color of result lines fixed
* bugfix formular fixes decoding event values
* bugfix table filtering fixes filtering tablelist after pressing return in Firefox
* bugfix error reporting fixes error reports for sql errors
* bugfix unique field fixes unique setting for fields
* bugfix versioning fixes differenz viewer for versioning
* rebuild indicator new indicator rules now as extension
* rebuild fieldtype User/Groups fieldtype User/Groups now with relation table lmb_uglst and ajax handling
* rebuild numeric conversion numeric fieldtypes can now format as numberformat or exponential, numeric format definitions same like php numberfomat
* rebuild Grouprights renew Grouprules for subadmins and inherited rights
* extension relationview relationview in details can be filtered with searchvalues
* extension extension editor new administrator modul for editing extension files
* extension tablegroup changing maingroup for tables
* extension textmoduls using inherited tables for textmoduls, extend with filter and eval
* extension fieldsettings extended fieldsetting modul for administrate table fields

Neuerungen der Version 2.0.45

* extension oofice report new oofice report modul
* extension dataset rules new set of dataset rules for automatic rule definition
* extension formular new submenus with tabs
* extension tablelayout save user-settings for tablelayout
* extension calender new calender extension for tablerelations
* extension contextmenu extend contextmenus with own functions
* extension xml export new xml export with dtd
* extension float type handling of float types
* bugfix import fixes for import text files
* bugfix contextmenus fixes problems with IE
* bugfix header-grouping fixes grouping functionality for table headers
* bugfix change passsword fixes password settings
* bugfix serach memo fixes memo search in tables
* bugfix export fixes table export
* bugfix tabrelations view relations as select or multiselect
* bugfix preview resize images
* bugfix maxdb fixes trigger function
* bugfix filesize fixes filedtype 'filesize'

Neuerungen der Version 2.0.3

* core-extension utf-8 (experimental) support of UTF-8 except pdf-reports
* core-extension mail-module new IMAP based mail-module
* core-extension reports join saved reports to specific dataset
* extension wysiwyg new wysiwyg editor "open wysiwyg"
* extension usibility remember more table settings for next login
* extension report extension menus in dataset
* extension permissions hirarchic group permissions for datasets
* bugfix postgreSQL compatibility problems
* bugfix export maxdb export primary key failed
* bugfix versioning recursive versioning with automatic "fix"
* bugfix trigger only drop database trigger by resetting triggers
* bugfix trigger limbas based trigger not executed
* bugfix language adding new language failed
* bugfix group delete usergroup failed
* bugfix export/import/table settings postgreSQL some deafault values causes errors
* bugfix tables set color of table-col or table-row
* bugfix tables change regulear expression for numeric fields
* bugfix import creat view failed
* bugfix import long fields are empty
* bugfix tableadmin delete recursive relation views
* bugfix export export views normalized
* bugfix tables IE joice of relation popups
* bugfix fieldtype user/groups failed update changes
* bugfix delete dataset bug in deleting related datasets recursiv

Neuerungen der Version 2.0 RC2

* bugfix gd icons icon translation for older gdlib with alpha-chanel
* bugfix system trigger trigger not visible in adminmode
* bugfix contextmenu contextmenu in dataset invisible
* bugfix relation editor relation editor without new style
* bugfix relation extension relation extension field as type long
* bugfix table editor cross check tablenames with reserved names
* bugfix remote-export remote-export without result
* bugfix sql-error invalid input syntax for LMB_HISTORY_USER
* bugfix sql-error invalid input syntax for LMB_SELECT_W
* bugfix sql-error duplicate key for LMB_HISTORY_USER
* bugfix session login generate duplicate session-ids
* bugfix sql-error rename table
* bugfix dms adding folders in tablerelations without rights
* bugfix import converting systemtables
* core-extension update automatic redirection to updateconsole
* core-extension header grouping grouping possibility of field-headers
* core-extension tabletree display table relations as treestructure
* core-extension tablebody using scrollbars with tablebodys (only mozilla)
* usibility contextmenu popup kontextmenus with right klick
* security magic quotes magic quotes off

Neuerungen der Version 2.0 RC1

  • rebuild limbas core database independence
  • support of postgreSQL database
  • support of globals off
  • new css based layout (manta)