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Diese Seite ist eine übersetzte Version der Seite PDO und die Übersetzung ist zu 100 % abgeschlossen sowie aktuell.

Limbas was originally developed using the ODBC database connection. This promised a large number of possible databases and independence from the peculiarities of native database drivers. Likewise, a separate layer of abstraction could be bypassed. Meanwhile there are some alternatives to ODBC as well as the desire to be able to use a native driver. One approach is to intercept and redirect the existing ODBC commands in the source. As of Verson 2.4, in addition to the database-specific functions that can be found in the "lib / db" folder, there is an attempt at abstraction under pdb_do.lib. In order to use these all odbc_ functions in limbas_odbc_xxx must be replaced. This can be done through a search and replaced in the whole source. In addition, the file must be implemented in the respective database script.

# odbc connect:
function dbq_0($host,$database,$dbuser,$dbpass,$dbdriver=null){
   $db = limbas_pdo_connect($host,$database,$dbuser,$dbpass,$dbdriver);

Both database connections can be used together for testing.
For example: the "db_pdo.lib" uses the PDO database level. Theoretically any available driver can be used or implemented.
Note that the driver must in any case support "scrollable cursors".

At the moment this extension is in the development stage. Whether it will become a permanent part of the source is not yet clear.