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For a simple and operating system-independent Limbas installation, we offer Limbas as a Docker container. The required files are available at SourceForge and only need to be unzipped.

tar xzfv openlimbas_docker- 
cd openlimbas

According to the best practices of Docker, every container should have only one task. There are therefore two Containers: one for webhosting (web) and one for the database (db).

Standard Configuration

Using docker-compose, both containers start automatically and connect to each other in their own virtual network.

docker-compose up

During startup, the demo data is automatically installed. Afterwards ("database system is ready to accept connections") Limbas is available on port 8000. Login with user admin and password limbas


If you do not want demo data but a clean installation, you can reinstall Limbas at http://<ip>:8000/admin/install/. The following configuration can be used for the database connection:

Database Vendor: PostgreSQL
Database Host: db
Database Name: limbasdb
Database User: limbasuser
Database Password: limbaspw
Database Schema: public
Database Port: 5432
SQL Driver: PostgreSQL

Alternatively, you can customize the db/dockerfile file to add clean.sql instead of demo.sql.


The configuration, such as the port can be customized in the file docker-compose.yml. If you want to change the database user, password, name or encoding, you must also change this in the file web/include_db.lib so that Limbas can connect to the database.